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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

We are engaged in the resale of tickets to the Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, and therefore we want to clarify our position. It is generally accepted that our activity leads to a shortage of tickets, is negative and "antisocial." In fact, tickets are not getting smaller - no, just some of them are getting more expensive. On average, our site has less than 3% of all tickets for the performance. These places in no way could satisfy all the demand. But thanks to our site, many people have the opportunity to buy tickets even on the day of presentation. Yes, not everyone can afford such a purchase. Our service is designed for wealthy clients, whose intensive work schedule leaves no opportunity to pre-allocate several hours for a trip to the cashier and idle time in queues.

You also can buy tickets on the circus website www.circusnikulin.ru .
If you want to buy a ticket without intermediaries, be sure to do it on the theater website or at the box office.
We try to provide maximum comfort to our site visitors. Our customers are always satisfied with the service we offer. The percentage of dissatisfied customers is extremely low - only 0.6%.
You can find the return policy on the page User agreement.

For all questions please call us +7 (499) 110-63-66 or mail us [email protected] from 9:00 to 21:00 any day.

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